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Firm partner Dana Tippin Cutler has successfully concluded her term as President of The Missouri Bar.  Dana was the first African-American woman President in the Bar's 136-year history. As President, Dana led the 30,000-member state bar for the 2016-17 bar year, and traveled the four corners of the state visiting with fellow attorneys and local bar associations.   The Bar's accomplishments achieved during her term include the successful launching of Courageous Collaboration, which received an ABA Partnership Award; the approval of the Bar's 2020 Strategic Plan; and the implementation of key initiatives from the Technology Audit.   Congratulations to Dana on a truly awesome year!

 recently received the Alumni Achievement Award from the UMKC School of Law.   Each year, each of the University's 12 schools recognizes one of their respective alumni for their outstanding achievement and professional accomplishments.  This year, Dana was recognized by the School of Law at the Annual Alumni Achievement Awards Ceremony and Reception.

Firm Partner
Charnissa Holliday-Scott recently gave a continuing legal education presentation as part of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association's CLE by the Hour Seminar.  The presentation, entitled "The Rules of Professional Conduct According to Motown," imparted information to the attorneys in attendance about their ethical duties and responsibilities using popular Motown hits as points of reference.

Firm partner Keith Cutler successfully defended his client in a recent jury trial in Western Kansas.  The plaintiff was rear-ended by the firm's client, and claimed neck, back, and knee injuries.   The neck and back injuries were undisputed and fully healed shortly after the accident.   The knee injury, however, was disputed.   The plaintiff did not report knee pain until 3 weeks after the accident, and after completing treatment for her knee, did not seek medical treatment again for almost a year.    The plaintiff asked the jury to award past and future damages totaling over 60,000.  The jury returned its verdict for Plaintiff, but awarded only $5,161.71.   Kudos to Keith for an excellent result!

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